About Us

The Faust Orchard was left as a gift by the late Johanna Faust to Christian Scientists. Thus the Bodenseeheim was established and after renovation it opened in 1982.

Today the land has been leased as a vineyard, however, the home has generous garden areas with beautiful views of the countryside, Lake Constance and the Swiss Alps. The home is a Christian meeting place. It offers guests participation in seminars and workshops, as a retreat away from everyday life. Inspiration, insights, natural beauty of the environment and diverse cultural opportunities provide a wonderful basis for spiritual renewal.

The home also offers rooms for permanent residents, who enjoy all the comforts the home provides and become part of a family community.

According to its statutes, the sponsoring association of the home exclusively and directly pursues religious and charitable purposes within the meaning of the tax code and is recognized as charitable and tax-privileged.

Here not only members, but also Christian Science supporters and their relatives and friends are always welcome.

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For the statutes please see the German page.