Welcome to the Bodenseeheim Christlicher Wissenschaftler e.V. (Christian Science)

The Bodenseeheim is an independent non-profit association, which offers anyone who is seriously interested in Christian Science, the opportunity to further their studies. For this purpose we offer an extensive library as well as seminars. A visit is meant to serve the exploration of the Biblical truths as well as the reflection, spiritual development and regeneration of the guests.

In the quaint town of Stetten, which is situated between Meersburg and Hagnau,  the Bodenseeheim is picturesquely nestled between vineyards, orchards and fields. The Bodenseeheim with its magnificent view of Lake Constance, the Bay of Constance, the Mainau Island and the Swiss Alps, is about 20 minutes walking distance to historic Meersburg and 5 minutes down to the lake with natural bathing spots.

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Our events will resume on June 16, 2020

in compliance with the mandatory infection control measures. If you have any questions, please contact contact the management