Subject to change.

All rooms have a private bathroom with shower and toilet and one window has a screen.

In every room we have the writings of Mary Baker Eddy as well as supplemental literature for study purposes.


As of: 2021-06-02

Room Prices

Room Category Price/Day FB Price/Day HB Price/Day B Price/Week FB Price/Week HB
SR Cat C 59,50 Euro 47,00 Euro 41,00 Euro 387,00 Euro 299,00 Euro
SR Cat B 65,50 Euro 53,00 Euro 47,00 Euro 426,00 Euro 338,00 Euro
SR Cat A 70,50 Euro 58,00 Euro 52,00 Euro 459,00 Euro 369,00 Euro
DR Cat C 111,00 Euro 86,00 Euro 74,00 Euro 723,00 Euro 548,00 Euro
DR Cat B 116,00 Euro 91,00 Euro 79,00 Euro 755,00 Euro 580,00 Euro
DR Cat A 135,00 Euro 110,00 Euro 98,00 Euro 879,00 Euro 701,00 Euro

A surcharge of €7,50 per person will be added to stays up to 3 days. Prices include the current sales tax. SR: Single Room, DR: Double Room, FB: Full Board (breakfast, lunch, supper), HB: Half-Board (breakfast, supper),B: Breakfast only. Prices without afternoon coffee.

House prices

House Price/Day 2P Price/Week 2P Final cleaning fee
Cottage (Lärchenhaus) 80,00 Euro 530,00 Euro 60,00 Euro

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Adult: 6,00 Euro
Child: 4,00 Euro
Small child: 0,00 Euro
Adult: 12,50 Euro
Child: 10,00 Euro
Small child: 0,00 Euro
Adult: 3,00 Euro
Adult: 6,00 Euro
Child: 4,00 Euro
Small child: 0,00 Euro

Small child: up to 2 years, Child: 3-10 years, Adult: 11 years+

Pitch prices for campers